Oui- Haw! La Grande Rencontre Festival and Montreal Trad Conference !May 6, 2014

We are absolutely thrilled to be heading to Montréal this weekend for La Grande Rencontre et Conférence Trad Montréal! This will be our first time participating in this amazing conference and festival and it looks like it is going to be a fabulous time playing music among some of the World's most exciting traditional players. We have the wonderful Hannah Read ( Scotland/ NYC)  joining us on the fiddle and voice, check out more about Hannah here!  We are practising our dance moves for the traditional dance parties and can't wait to take in some amazing concerts from some of our most favourite artists and look forward to making a pile of new friends too! 



If you are in the Montréal area there are many events that are open to the public as well. Please check out our live listings here on our site and also check out http://espacetrad.org/ for all you ever needed to know about La Grande Rencontre!




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